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For this activity, all you're going to need is a storybook, preferably one that teaches colors such as White Rabbit's Color Book, red, yellow, blue color monster flashcards, some big red, yellow, and blue cardboard circles, and some bubbles.


To get started, you're going to use a quick attention grabber to get students' attention. Wave your hands in front of you and say "hello," then quickly place them behind you and say "bye, bye." You will be surprised at how much younger students love this!

Next, you're going to introduce yourself while clapping out the syllables of your name. The reason you clap out the syllables is so that students can follow along and say your name with you. Remember to go nice and slow if your students are very young or meeting you for the first time.

Although instinctively you will want to know your students' names, your goal is to have them go away remembering YOUR name.


Next, you're going to read a story, so you're going to introduce storytime and the book you want to read. This can be done with a chant.

"What time is it? What time is it? It's storytime. It's storytime.

What time is it? What time is it? It's storytime. It's storytime."

Read the story, repeating the key color vocabulary. If you need some ideas on keeping students' attention during storytime, check out these top tips on how to read to kids.

After reading the story, have the class say "thank you" and "bye-bye" to the storybook.


Next, transition straight into the color monster chant. And it would be best if you transitioned quickly so as not to lose students' attention.

"Color monster, color monster, where are you?

Color monster, color monster, where are you?

Look, look, look

Look, look, look."

Show students a color monster to the class from behind your back while looking in the opposite direction. Be sure to go slow and keep a rhythm in your speech.

Students at school for the first time or who don't know you may not laugh and may stare at you. That's okay; keep going. You have their attention.

Next, pop out the color monster and introduce your friend using TPR. Chant and place the color monster on the floor in front of you. Be sure to repeat several times.

"On the floor tap, tap, on the floor tap, tap."

Next, sing the tap the color song while maintaining eye contact with all your students.

"We're gonna tap, tap, tap the red,

tap, tap, tap the red,

tap, tap, tap the red,

tap, tap, tap, tap, tap."

Next, you're going to give each student a colored circle. Make sure to say "here you are" as you give the student the circle and "thank you" when they take it. Encourage the student to say thank you, but don't force it if they're not ready.

Next, you're going to chant once again and have students place their circles on the floor.

"On the floor, on the floor."

When everyone is ready, once again sing the tap the color song. Once you have sung the song once, suddenly, wobble the circle and have it move to your belly. Once again, chant and repeat until your students have done the same.

Sing the tap the color song once more and again, move the circle, this time on to your head.

Once you have finished, collect the circles and say bye-bye to that color. Start the color monster chant once again and repeat the whole process with another color.


Once you have collected the last colored circles, you need to transition to the dismissal. So, immediately start a simple finger play wiggle to get students' attention. Wiggle your fingers up while saying, "wiggle, wiggle." Then suddenly, have them fall like a deflated balloon. Repeat a few times to make sure you have the student's attention.

Next, sing the bubble song through once.

"There are bubbles in the air, in the air.


There are bubbles in the air and everywhere.


There are bubbles, there are bubbles,

there are bubbles, there are bubbles,

there are bubbles in the air and everywhere,


But nothing happened! Act confused and have everyone stand up and try again. Sing the song through once more. This time after singing, blow some bubbles for students.

It's easy for this to get messy, so make sure that you are directing students to stand on their mats or circles and that you count down after blowing the bubbles to know when to stop and return to their seats.

Finally, dismiss the class one by one by having students return their mats into a box at the front. Repeat the words "in the box" as students do.

So there you have it, a simple twenty-minute demo class for young ESL learners. For song examples, check out the video below!

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