Farm Animals: PowerPoint Animal Sound Recognition:


Teach farm animal vocabulary and sentence structures with this dynamic ESL PowerPoint presentation. The English PowerPoint is designed to grab the attention of your young ESL students. When it's over, challenge the kids with higher-level thinking activities or crafts to solidify the new language.


Farm Animals ppt English lessons also work exceptionally well as an independent reading resource for iPads, iPhones, tablets, etc. The presentation is intended to be read or viewed as an animated digital book.


This informative and engaging ESL PowerPoint presentation informs and illustrates a variety of traditional farm animals. Your children will learn key vocabulary: duck, horse, chicken, rooster, sheep, cow, goat, pig, farm, farmer


Each animal is introduced with an animal noise designed to spark the kids' sense of curiosity and excitement for learning.


Please feel free to email me directly at if you need any assistance.


*Please note that this ppt is password protected and can not be edited. To open, click 'read only' when prompted for the password. This file is 7.3MB and requires PowerPoint version 2007 or later to open.


This ESL PowerPoint was created by Mooncake English.


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