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Four Letter Blending Phonics Flashcards


This pack of 100 four-letter blending flashcards will have your little readers blending words in no time! These blending flashcards are perfect for beginner readers that have been practicing blending CVC words and are ready to develop their blending skills further. Each blending flashcard card includes a four-letter word with dots under each sound to touch while sounding out each letter. Each dot is colour-coded so that students know which is the beginning, medial, or ending sound. 


This pack contains 100 ready-to-print four-letter blending flashcards in PDF format.


These English teaching materials were created by Mooncake English. Please feel free to email me directly at if you need any assistance.


Buy these letter blending phonics flashcards today and help your young learners develop their reading skills!



Four Letter Blending Phonics Flashcards

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