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A Warm-Up Song For All!

The warm-up is a really important part of any ESL lesson. The warm-up captures students' attention and engages them ready for class. Where possible it's a good idea to try and link your warm-up to the main theme of your lesson. But sometimes, a fun song does the trick perfectly.

In this video, I share a fun warm-up song, Wadaliacha. This a fun song that has never failed to get students smiling and laughing, you can even use it when teaching adults.


Wa-da-li-a-cha, Wa-da-li-a-cha,

Do-da-li-do, Do-da-li-do,

It's the simplest thing, there isn't much to it.

All you have to do is do-da-li do it.

I like the rest, but the part I like the best,

goes, do-da-li, do-da-li, do.

Quack, quack!

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