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Drill Vocabulary The Right Way With Etacude

Today's video is another installment of community games, where I invite you to share your tips and game ideas with the Mooncake community.

Today's episode features Eric from Etacude. Eric is an ESL teacher with over 13 years of experience and he runs a YouTube channel called Etacude where he shares tips, advice, and game ideas. There some fantastic ideas on his channel, so make sure you check him out. Today, Eric has shared a fun game that will get your young learners repeating vocabulary again and again without getting bored.

For this activity, all you're going to need are some flashcards of the vocabulary you'd like to practice.

To get started position the class in a semi-circle with you the teacher in the middle. Introduce the flashcards one by one using chants and TPR as you do. If you're not sure what I mean by TPR then you can check out my video on TPR here.

Next, place the cards in a line on the floor in front of you or on the board behind you so that they are visible for students.

Explain to the class that the aim of the game is to say all the words in order out loud. But the trick is that there is no order for students to speak and if two students speak at the same time, then the whole class has to start again.

Students then have to become strategic about who will say what word at which time. This really students focused as they plan how to win. You can even make things fun by having a teacher vs student game going, where the teacher gets a point every time two students say a word together, and the class gets a point when completing a full set of words.

If students do get clever and manage to create a good strategy, you can spice the game up by saying the last person to say a word is out and can't play in the next round.

In this example, I explained how you can use this game as a way to drill vocabulary with students. But you can also use it to practice numbers, sentences, and word order.

So there you have it, a fun activity to practice vocabulary with your students. I want to say a big thank you to Eric from Etacude for sharing with us today, make sure you go check out his channel.

If you want to be featured on community games and have a great teaching idea that you would like to share with the Mooncake community then you can email me at Join the community and let's make ESL teaching easy.

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