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Save time with these ready-to-print CVC words worksheets!


Help your students practice their segmenting skills with these four crossword CVC activity sheets. Watch my video on using this game in the classroom here and use these worksheets as a follow-up!


This pack includes four CVC activities printable worksheets in PDF format.


Mooncake English created these CVC activity worksheets. Need more teaching resources? Don't miss these fantastic options...


Flashcards by Mooncake English

Farm Animal Flashcards

Fruit Flashcards

Vegetable Flashcards

Weather Flashcards

Feelings Flashcards

Number Flashcards


PPT Presentations By Mooncake English

Weather PPT

Farm Animal PPT


Phonics Materials by Mooncake English

100 CVC Blending Word Flashcards

CVC Crossword Worksheets

CVC Crossword Worksheets